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  1. Great stuff. Is there a video or document showing how the API works?
  2. The API support is what I am interested in. I have software not created with UBOT and need an API licensing system... will this work?
  3. Like the API support. Can you explain how it works for securing other apps?
  4. Nick, is the price quoted in the posts the purchase price?
  5. Sorry for not responding sooner Nick... I did run the beta version and didn't have any issues at all. Ran for around 5 hours while monitoring memory etc... And it never ballooned once. Seemed to keep everything under control.
  6. The ability to load extensions would be a great addition.
  7. Hi Meter, I'm thinking of setting up a new server for different projects. Will have a server for each site. Will this cause any issues? Do I new a new license from you?
  8. we all have to use a secret secret key!! hahaha
  9. I see the "http load error page" command Kev. It doesn't seem to change anything for me though. Aymen, can you explain how this is used? I presume you just set "Yes" or "No" prior to a Get Request. If so, may be there is a bug with it because I never get a full error page loading.
  10. How do I get the contents of a 404 page using "$http get" ? EG... This page retrns a customised 404 page that I want to scrape: http://www.disneystore.com/anna-and-elsa-placemat-frozen/mp/1341437/1000349/
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