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In Topic: Ui Error "failed To Load Url Http://rendering/...

21 January 2019 - 06:37 PM

same lol but I find a solution at least don't stuck go to tools option change chrome 21 and choose light theme close ubot end all cef browser process or restart pc.

In Topic: Methods To ­čî┐revive The Ubot Community?

21 January 2019 - 05:45 PM

I remember it was active forum and people are enthusiastic to help now they are already move on or feed up haha.


the problem is ubot it self not staff  etc.. it's the buggy program it self most user accept it us part of the system  lack of motivation or maybe resource,skill to make it improve over decade.


I can name 1-2 tools similar to ubot give them 2-3 years they will surpass it base on improvement like TJ plugin make them stand alone I believe they will surpass ubot functionality base on stability not saying over all but only on stability side like former plugin developer on ubot "http plugin" been doing stand alone now I don't like to throw names to sound like promotion but I think he will do good.


most client have pretty bad experience that people run away from it. if you ever sell or do program ubot base and your client figure it out you using ubot they will run and avoid you specially if they are in IM community it is like crucifixion because probably they have past experience using it.  there is a bug and it will take years to finish by that time you already learn real stuff,. but when you like to save time you want to get ubot started again and you will get in the same loop remember the first time why you stop using it. lol


I think they should focus on external browser

I hope they update it make ubot at least stable not just expensive icon on desktop.,

with the arrival of google Puppeteer and other automation tools this is really behind the only thing that most developer license still using it is 3rd party plugin and the visual programming but I think many tools I see are moving in visual programming give it time they won't be so unique ,


anyway I hope they will do more update. come on we are decade away for SUper AI and we are like this lol.

we are like caveman. haha,


anyway ubot is good for testing concept but recent version you can't do it at least hang or stuck take me reinstall my windows and use the light theme to lessen the stuck and loading..,


my advice if your new don't relay  on one tool ,