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Text Or Image Captcha

29 October 2019 - 11:34 AM


I get stuck while solving a captcha for site https://appleid.appl...ge=create. It's look like a simple captcha  with base 64 image.

attached in .txt file.

as it is base 64 so screen shot element and all ubot commands to save or download image is not working for it

At Last i take a screen shot of the browser and send to 2captcha service but i get an error like captcha unsolvable.

I tried with ubot inbuilt browser and the captcha is getting solved by ubot inbuilt solve captcha function without any problem but i want to solve it in exbrowser.

Any help will be appreciated Thanks!!

I also tried heopas encode/decode and apichai base64 to image but all have same results and not saving the image.