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#135729 Get The 'dark Theme' On 5.9

Posted by johnwalton on 04 October 2018 - 08:42 PM

Hi, Is it possible to use dark theme for previous versions of uBot?

Is there documentation on how to do this or does someone where know?

#135300 Methods To 🌿revive The Ubot Community?

Posted by johnwalton on 16 September 2018 - 09:01 AM

Do you guys have any ideas for reviving the community here? I didn't look @ the statistics but it feels down from just a year or two ago. uBot is needed so it will be around for a long time but... there's gotta be some way to revitalize the community so that we get more support. More support = More of everything uBot related.

So one thing i've seen on other forums is, a sort of team competition, teams split by geograph, and the goal is perform some set function. Maybe we could have teams to come up with a bot idea, build it and sell it via team's chosen method/s and the winner would be the team that sold more after 3-6 weeks or something. And Seth gives the winners all a free GoPro or something.

Perhaps another factor to win could be the program's speed or it's shear scaling ability.
Another idea to engage this community could be something like 'Bot Wars' where teams or individuals build, test and optimize their bot to dominate the new community bot vs bot arena playground. For example, 

this open source text-based game would be perfect to test simple and complex bots and it'd be great to learn more programming tactics too! The more you engage the faster it'd learned. So I think a community text-based game where we can test each other could be valuable!

Do you guys have any ideas to engage the community here?

#135299 How To Reduce Spaghetti Code

Posted by johnwalton on 16 September 2018 - 08:16 AM

I've gone through all of your courses and this is one of the most valuable videos i've seen for learning to be a better programmer. These high-level notions are welcome and I wish you shared a few practical and realistic examples in addition to the ' X Y Z '. The community could easily provide such examples.

If you have more tips on theory for producing the cleanest and most elegant code that is instantly legible, please share!
A lot of us novices would seriously be interested. =)

As a test to add value to your video content, you might consider reverse engineering some programs/bots/tools (and Perhaps re-creating them). Reverse engineer is a top way to learn and this method will likely ad value to your current content.

In addition to learning to create CLEAN elegant code/flows, learning Advanced Validators and their Theory and Application and Nuances would be helpful. For example, Your 'check if blank' command you shared in your course has been extremely useful to me for validation of local variables.

Also was thinking you could get more customers to your courses if you put your video course on an affiliate site like clickbank and do a 'Custom Audience' Adwords Campaign based on your Buyers Email lists. Oh and also test targeting mainstream angles like' New Way/Best Way to Learn Programming in 2018" or a fear angle like, "Can't Program? Avoid Your Replacement By Learning It In 10 Days..." or something like that... I have tons of ideas on this token so if you need creative assistance for anything online-sales related let me know! It's what I do and since you help in here it's fair.


Imagine if uBot was whitelabled and branded as a "Programming Gateway" Simply, "The New Way to Learn to Program in 7 Days!" (Or something like that) and have a sales video with 'ol Grandma performing the drag and drops to prove how anyone can learn programming. And use certain angles to move people to buy such as, 'you're illiterate if you can't program in 2018. So Learn it in 3 Days So That You Keep Your Job' 

I believe this mainstream appeal approach could work with both uBot and the Learning Courses and the benefit is obviously max customers goes from like 50K global bot builders to 700M non-programming computer users. If someone is using a computer and doesn't understand basic prog concepts then i'd consider them illiterate in this day and age, wouldn't you?  What do you guys think about the mainstream approach?

#135282 Http Post Api Configuration Help Needed

Posted by johnwalton on 15 September 2018 - 01:38 AM

To end this thread, made a function and command so that the code stays legible in main loop. The naming could be better but i'm still optimizing that to what works best for my eyes and memory lol great to finally have this working, api opens up a new world of speed and efficiency and options. 

define $RevContent l API URL l Add Widget(#_boostID) {
comment("Need to turn the widget blacklist list
into a VAR")
RevContent l API URL l Add Widget("444,555", 62893)
define RevContent l API URL l Add Widget(#_widgetIDs, #_boostID) {
    comment("This is going to be the API call in command form")
    comment("Settying Header")
    Check If Blank(#_boostID, "BOOST ID Not Detected")
    Check If Blank(#_widgetIDs, "WIDGETs Not Detected")
    Check If Blank(#bearer, "BEARER Not Detected")
    plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http set headers", "Authorization", "Bearer {#bearer}")
    plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http settings headers", "Content Type", "application/json")
    plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http set headers", "Cache-Control", "no-cache")
    set(#apiAddWidget,$plugin function("HTTP post.dll", "$http post", $RevContent l API URL l Add Widget(#_boostID), "\{\"id\": \"{#_widgetIDs}\"\}", "", "", "", ""),"Global")

#135281 Http Post Api Configuration Help Needed

Posted by johnwalton on 15 September 2018 - 12:06 AM

YES it's working! Thanks a lot!

#135215 Regex To Get Words Between 2 Dashes

Posted by johnwalton on 06 September 2018 - 10:40 PM

this regex builder might be helpful to you in future:

#135152 🔥 Ubot Saved Me

Posted by johnwalton on 03 September 2018 - 02:32 AM

Yes, this service includes STM and Madd private forums and Many spy tools which are your eyes and ears to know what is working right now and where you can start. 

it's 67 or something and you get over $1000/month of super relevant tools to get started. 
ping me on skype if ya want, i've been full time since 2011 and know the market intimately. There's some tools that go for $400 a month and uBot could be designed to do this. The customers can pay a lot for tools, $1000 a month for the 'big' affs is normal. There's a market there! :)

If uBot could scrape ads like some of the services in there, people pay $200 a month for that data. It's fun when you hit a gold mine campaign but you have to bleed out for a while why you buy data to optimize, < 1/10 campaigns launched are profitable right away, super rare,  0% ROI tho is almost guaranteed profitable with some optimizations. 
Affiliate marketing is a combination of human psychology and math.


#135150 🔥 Ubot Saved Me

Posted by johnwalton on 03 September 2018 - 01:00 AM

Hello uBotting Community!

This post is sort of for dedication as i'm trying to make something that has been extremely difficult and has never been built before. I don't plan to sell these bots but use them to replace myself in my business.

After enduring much wrist pain from long term mouse/keyboard usage, and having switched from mouse to a https://www.contourd...llermousepro3/ (Which helps a LOT), I still find that my job requires endless hours of work.

So this led me to automation. uBot has already saved me around 100,000 clicks and this is just the begging.

My business is the affiliate marketing industry. This is the top forum and a gold mine of information https://stmforum.com/ .

Any affiliate marketers on here? =) doubtful judging by the amateur ads i see on here. =) i joke!

So my job is to launch ad campaigns (2-6 hr process) and then optimize the ad campaigns (forever ongoing process; 2-6 main elements to optimize). Before i would have to log in and do these processes manually which DESTROYS my capacity to launch ad campaigns. 

In the past I would always launch global ad campaigns, targeting many countries, rotating my best ads that generated the most sales with the highest CTRs. Unfortunately, it's hard to get global 'grand slam' campaigns like i could in the past, so I'm targeting much more narrow now. So instead of 1 giant campaign, I need to split it into 12-24 modular chunks.  This will increase the work load respectively.

As a human being i'm limited to 2-3 campaigns so basically i'm going to leverage computer technology to do what's been impossible for me to do, launch and manage paid performance ad campaigns. I will include screenshots of gross/income generated from the campaigns that are 100% created by my uBot. 

With this tool i'm building I should have automated something that is already EXTREMELY difficult to do, launch and create profitable paid ad campaigns that will last months and years (hopefully =)).

I had spent thousands of hours manually scraping images for ads, uploading ads, fixing the rejected ads, etc, etc, +100 other processes both major and micro. I'm planning on having the main tool be able to do 98.5% of everything that I have to do to make affiliate marketing profitable.

I had limited and poor programming skills when starting out but now the error messages make sense, are legible and somewhat helpful in identifying problem logic. It's really nice to be able to program without having to code (other than editing code of course.) We only need to work on the actual Logic and learn all the programming concepts. I wish i knew of uBot when it first came out!

My challenges:
Learning and developing the logic has been intense. It feels like learning programming is restructuring my mind a bit. 
It's been hard at times to 'Dive In' and start developing as I work alone and also uBot is still a bit daunting to me for some reason. It seems the main challenge is troubleshooting and developing that skill. After 1000s of searches and dumb mistakes i'm finally getting the hang of uBot.

GUI is a challenge, I have the design literally on Paper, it's elegant but I lack the skills to build it, so now just using default UI with a lot of tabs.

The GUI main will have 4 main options.

1. 'Setup' 2. 'Run' 3. Report' 4. More'

Setup will take all vars required to create account settings, also make new campaigns to optimize by rotating them and the optimization processes. Also custom optimization heuristics can be set there. 

Report will be interesting, i'm planning on getting 2 datagrid plugins, one from imautobot and Aymen's one. I'd like to store as much data as possible to call later to base optimizations on. Right now i'm using this tracker and would like to port all the data and report it in UI via datagrid. https://cpvlab.pro/

Some Notes:
I think if everyone knew computer programming the world would be a better place. lol At least it would be more logic-orientated.

One of my main skills has been copywriting, so if any of you want to do some kind of trade, like KILLER Ad Copy Or a Performance Marketing proposal in exchange for a plugin or 1 on 1 programming help that'd be 😎

Add My Skype!

Best of luck to you all I wish you all the best!