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Forget Xpath, Use Click-Coordinates In Exbrowser

30 July 2016 - 11:00 AM

Made a video for you guys on how to us the Click Coordinates command in ExBrowser, it's much faster that dealing with XPath voodoo that might change tomorrow :-)


The coordinates won't change, here you go:


This enables you to code VERY quickly and has reduced the amount of code by 60% in a few of my apps.



Search Lists For Duplicates, Delete Both

12 July 2016 - 09:19 AM

Can anyone tell me how to compare 2 lists and if a duplicate is found delete it from both lists?


I do research everyday and if an item is already on yesterday's list I don't want to re-research the same thing again today.  With this in mind I want to compare both lists and if a duplicate is found, delete them both.


Thanks Ubotters!


[Sell] Email Account Generator - Tired Of Paying For Email Accounts? So Were We... (Vid...

04 June 2016 - 03:31 PM


UPDATE: Added custom wait times to the program so that you can make it go as fast (or slow) as you would like, you are in total control!

Need an email generator that will generate fresh accounts for you?

If you run GSA or need to create emails to run multiple social accounts, we have created the perfect solution for you, it's a previously private tool that we built for our own needs!
Currently, through account providers, if you need bulk email addresses the going rate is $.50 per email address!
Another problem is that some of the bulk providers will sell the same list of email addresses that you purchased to other customers!

If you happen to have other things to do rather than sit around changing passwords on email accounts as soon as you get a list, you will very quickly find out that you have been scammed by a shady provider.

This same exact thing has happened to us a few times, so we decided to create this bulk email tool that will help you register multiple addresses very quickly, like automated quickly.
With this in mind we have decided to release this valuable tool to the public, why should we hoard good tools that so many people could be using to build their own businesses?
What Do I Need to Use the Software?
You will need some proxies to use the software, free proxies are fine!
Additionally, if you don't want to do the captchas yourself you can always use a captcha solving service.
The software is currently setup to use DeathByCaptcha.com's service, just enter your credentials into the software and it will use your account to solve the captchas!
All you have to do is hit the verify button, that's it, the software will do everything else for you.
What Email System Does it Work With?
Right now the software works with GMX.com however, depending on customer needs we will be adding other services and features in the future.

We take all of our customer suggestions very seriously and if the customer speaks we listen!
Take Advantage of Our Pre-Launch Special!

Right now as mentioned earlier, you will have to hit the 'Verify' button on the captcha for every account generated, but one click to create an email address? It's a great time savings!
With this in mind we will have the software fully automated in a few days so that you don't have to do anything to generate accounts, just type in the quantity of email accounts that you need, hit the 'Create' button, and the software will create as many email addresses as you need.
The software creates everything for you and after it's done you just click the 'Save to File' button and it quickly spits out a perfectly formatted list of all your fresh accounts on your desktop.  The file contains the necessary information for you in columns and rows including account recovery information.
Right now our Pre-Launch Price is a measly $60 for a 3 month subscription, however, once we are fully automated the price will be raised substantially, but guess what?
You will be grandfathered in to the price that you bought it for today!
Now is the time to act, click that button, get it today and save!
PS: We're serious, the price is probably going to double since you can just turn around and sell your bulk email addresses for at least $.50 each which is the current market rate! The scheduler is already built into the software, it will be fully automated soon, when that happens you will be able to run them all night and sell them all day! Not bad, basically getting paid to sleep :-)
PPS: Our sales process is fully automated and once you come back from Paypal you can download and install your new software and be creating email accounts in less than 5 minutes! Please note that immediately following your payment you will be getting an email with your shiny, new, personalized license key.

Licensing Server Down Again

03 June 2016 - 06:14 PM

Can someone please look into the issue?




Need A Few Testers

27 April 2016 - 03:16 PM

Sorry, forgot to update this thread.  This offer is expired :-(