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Forum / Ubot Community Dying?

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Posted 13 August 2018 - 03:56 PM

You certainly have your right to complain just not here.  There are quite a few here learning UBS and to read negative comments does not help the Community trying to learn.


When I see someone trying to persuade others to leave and follow them elsewhere is when I delete the post and/or thread.


So let me throw out a question for you to think about.  If you are successful at getting others to step away from updates or even UBot and then an update is pushed out.  How do you think those people will perceive you then?  I would be ticked to say the least.


If you would spend more time helping others than complaining about UBS or other botters then that might be an incentive for others to join in asking questions.


So please be considerate of others.  Subject closed.



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