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#1 acamso


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Posted 20 May 2016 - 10:18 AM


SuperCS: Super Craigslist Scraper

Tired of wasting money on leads?

With Super Craigslist Scraper, you'll never have to buy leads again.
SuperCS will save you time and money by scraping the exact type of leads you require.

At your service is an advanced software loaded with features that uses sockets, multi-threading, and complex systems
to scrape targeted leads & data quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

Give it a try..

See it in action..

Loaded with features; not your typical leads scraper..

Scrape Leads At Blazing Speeds
Scrape Craigslist leads & data at lightning fast speeds using sockets, multi-threading, and advanced systems. The software is built for speed and efficiency and will leave you with a nice list of only targeted leads.


Scrape Any Region
SuperCS allows you scrape any continent, country, city, region, and sub-region on Craigslist to output only targeted leads from the area of your choice.


Scrape Any Category
SuperCS can scrape any category or sub-category: community, personals, housing, for sale, services, jobs, gigs, resumes + more.

Scrape Phone Numbers
SuperCS has the option to scrape phone numbers from all ads it finds. SuperCS will check the contact info in the body, as well as the contact info in the reply button. You can choose which format to use when outputting the phone numbers.


Scrape Email Addresses
SuperCS has the ability to scrape any non-Craigslist email it finds. The software will search the body and reply button's contact data to extract the email address data.


Scrape Craigslist Email Addresses
If you want to scrape @craigslist email addresses, SuperCS has the option to do that as well. The Craisglist emails are found and scraped from the reply button's contact info.

Scrape Images
Along with contact data, SuperCS allows you to scrape all image URLs from every ad it finds. The software also has the option to download all images it finds directly to your machine.


Scrape Any Data
The software has the ability to scrape a variety of data aside from contact info and images. SuperCS will scrape the ad URLs, titles, full titles, bodies, date of posts, + more.


Scrape Based On Keywords & Filters
You can drill down your search on Craigslist and enter the URL of the search in SuperCS. This will allow you to scrape only the most targeted data possible.

Private, Public, & BackConnect Proxy Support
SuperCS supports private, public, and BackConnect proxies. Using proxies allows you to scrape data without having to solve captchas. Import proxies from file or URL and use the in-built proxy checker to filter out bad proxies. User/pass authentication is supported and you can reload proxies on a set interval as well.


Advanced IP/Proxy System
SuperCS has an advanced IP/proxy system that will filter out proxies that have not hit a captcha. If an IP/proxy hits a connection error, it is automatically removed from the current run. You can also reload proxies on a set interval from file or URL to keep your list up-to-date.


In-built Proxy Checker
Manage your proxies with the proxy editor. Import proxies from file or URL. Run the proxies through a series of tests to ensure only the top-quality proxies are being used to scrape leads.

Server Proxies
If you don't have proxies to use, you can download a fresh list of proxies from the server. These proxies are constantly scraped and tested against Craigslists's server to ensure there are working proxies whenever you need.


No Captcha Solving Necessary
To save on costs, SuperCS will skip any captchas outputted by Craigslist. The software uses brute force and simply replaces the proxy if a captcha pops up. All proxies that hit a captcha can be removed to speed up the process.

Custom Output Editor
The software will output in a default format, but you can also create your own custom output for all outputted data. Mix and match tons of data to output in the specific format you need. Output every account detail possible in either CSV or TXT format.

SuperCS can be easily integrated into your work flow. There are automation options that allow you to auto start the scraping process, check proxies before scraping, exit automatically, & more.

Command Line
For advanced users, along with automation options within the software, you can also start scraping directly from the command line without entering SuperCS.

Highly Intelligent
SuperCS does everything in its power to make the Craigslist scraping process as quick and efficient as possible. With the IP/proxy system and other systems in play, SuperCS will output your leads in record time with no work on your end.

Advanced Configuration
Configure SuperCS to run exactly as you need. Choose from 100+ options/settings. Use different configuration setups for different projects and tasks. Set it up to yield the best results possible.

In-Depth Monitors, Logs, Software Options
The monitors and logs give you a detailed view of what is going on during the scraping process and all other processes.

Frequent Updates & Dedicated Support
SuperCS is constantly being updated and improved with a variety of features and options. Support is available 24/7 for all users. All feature requests are encouraged.

What are you waiting for?


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SuperCS | SuperHAC | Support Desk | Knowledge Base | Feature Requests | Lost Licenses | Reset Licenses | Download Links


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Posted 14 August 2016 - 11:32 AM

Couple questions ...

1) Can I get a sample of what a full output csv file looks like with ALL the fields that can be sent into a csv

2) Can I auto scrape several CL categories URLs at once?
3) Can I auto scrape ONE CL category BUT scrape dozens of KWs individually?


Let me know



#3 qualityeye



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Posted 11 July 2017 - 06:02 PM

Is this still available or is it retired?

#4 qualityeye



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Posted 27 July 2017 - 06:35 AM

It's been retired.  I forgot to post an update after my question but I found the answer on this page http://acamso.com/ex...-back-in-stock/


I emailed him about releasing the source code right after my post and never heard back.


He seems to be MIA in general.

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