“Easier is better.”

That’s why we’ve put so much effort into making new parts of UBot Studio 5 both powerful and simple, and nowhere is that more clear than in the new UI Designer.

You COULD skip to the end of this post to see a video of it. But first, you should read this. It’s a quick lesson on how the UI in UBot Studio works:

Above the browser window is an area we call the UI or User Interface. This area is how the users of your bot (or perhaps you yourself) will interact with the bot and set options for how the bot runs.

Originally, UBot Studio had commands that, when dropped into the script, would generate UI elements like textboxes and dropdown boxes and the like inside your UI. Then we introduced the UI html panel, a special command that allowed Developers to custom-craft their UIs using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. (This was alongside additional Developer features like specialized color schemes and the ability to remove the UBot Studio logo, set an icon for your compiled bots, and more.)

Now, UBot Studio 5 takes user interfaces to the next level by offering that same level customization in a simple drag and drop UI editor window.

Available for all Editions of UBot Studio 5 (with some very cool stylistic features for Developer users that you can see in the video!):

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